Indig02 Review - Sunday Night

Benn Kempster whoboy at
Mon Dec 15 08:22:32 PST 2008

I'll give my penn'orth for what it's worth.
Why do people bother attending shows?  We had two balcony seats in block 2 which were incredible.  However, whay you never take into account is the amazing number of people in this fucking country who seem to think that the whold fucking world revolves around them.  For example.  One guy - a particularly obese fellow below pensionable age but, clearly, with the bladder of either an 8 or 80 year old - felt the need to keep getting up and going to the bar every 10 minutes.  Not too bad a thing you may think, but, add in, every 5 minutes, a drunken stagger to the toilet and I think you'll begin to see my point.  There must have been 25 or 30 people like this that,throughout the whole show, could not just simply sit there and watch and listen, completely ruining any kind of continuity for other people.
Perhaps Goldsmith should have a segregated area in the future for the obese where they can royally piss each other off and *everyone else* can enjoy what they are there for.
As for the show, the sound was very good - infact, I have almost revised my opinion of Pino.  He came across incredibly powerfully.  Zak's solo out of the synth break in WGFA was the very best I've heard him play it - timed to perfection as opposed to trying to hit too many things at one time.  Pete was his usual sarcastic self "Soundchecks?  I haven't done a soundcheck since I was 12.  Dire Straits and Paul Simon do them".  He also played superbly on LROM, NE, WGFA, MG and the Tommy encore.  My wife and I had LROM as the walk out music at our wedding in October and as emotional a song as it is for us, Rab couldn't have made us happier in the way he read his intor piece - played with a care and passion rarely seen in the band these days.  As for Roger, again, after the first three or four songs, he was clearly struggling - hanging the mic out to the audience in Baba O'Riley is not my idea of audience participation.  He picked up during LROM, NE and MG / CIYW, but then could only manage two "listening to you" refrains at the end of See Me Feel Me and an unusually long break at the end of the show before they went in to Tea And Theatre made me think that Pete was literally giving Roger the option of singing it or not.
Overall, nothing more than a 6/10 for the show as a whole, but there were enough individual glimpses of brilliance to make it passable.  I'm left wondering, yet again, how long they can keep playing mediocre shows - but I guess it's each to his own sewerage?

"This is a fucking rock and roll concert not a fucking tea party - RIGHT!" - PT - 10.12.1971

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