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you make a very good point. I'm going to London next week to see them and will make notes.

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> I just watched the most boring rendition of BBE ever on The
> Who's official youtube page.? Why on earth would the
> band?put this up there?? Pete stays pretty expressionless
> and still throughout... no real movement, windmills, jumps
> or anything.? Of course Rog hides behind that stupid
> acoustic guitar that no one can hear (see also Who are You
> since 2001) and doesn't participate beyond merely
> singing the words.? They were going through the motions.?In
> fact, Roger is participating less and less in the visual
> nature of Who shows these days and relying on Pete and the
> video screens to fill the gap.? THAT'S not The Who.? All
> one has to do is watch Mick Jagger in Shine a Light to
> realize that Roger, who is certainly in as good of physical
> condition as Mick, could pull his weight on stage as he used
> to in the glory days just like Mick does today.? With his
> voice clearly deteriorating, he should be doing more
> visually to make up for it.? People should walk out of the
> show saying, "Well,
>   Roger's voice isn't what it used to be, but damn
> he puts on a great show."? I think it's time for
> The Who to hang it up.? Roger is not willing or able to keep
> up anymore, and Pete is probably tired of having to carry
> him night after night.
> Mc
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