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O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Mon Dec 1 10:31:16 PST 2008

>youtube channel
>>People should walk out of the show saying, "Well, Roger's voice isn't  what
>>it used to be, but damn he puts on a great show."
>I have; but then again, I was there.
>Roger Daltrey isn't giving up, Ernie.
>He rocks!

That was Coach Mc that wrote those hateful ;-) words, Jon, not Ernie.

My only thought is it must get really flippin' boring to play those "staples" over, and over, and over, and over.
I saw it in Boston.
With that in mind, you would think there would be more motivation to MIX IT UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!
Honestly, the only thing that's really starting to bug me about The Who is that they don't change their set-lists.
Not only not from show-to-show, but even from tour-to-tour.
Sure, some subtle changes, but damn.
We've had the same encore for what, the last 3 tours?
In my very HO, it is becoming a blemish on their career.

I'm losing my motivation to spend $200+ to get up close if it's the same old tired set list.
I have *no* motivation to *not* be up close if it's the same old tired set list.
The Who shouldn't pack it in...not by a long shot.
But, they should put on a show.
A production.
A Tommy Production?  I'd be there.
Ok, another Quad production?  Sure.  If you have to do it again, I'd go.
A dig-deep into the catalogue "Who Eras Production"? YOU BETTER YOU BET!
A Lifehouse Production?  OH MY LORD, HELL YEAH!!!  To me, this is a must before they retire.

But, it will take planning.
It will take rehearsing <GASP!>!

What I'm not sure of is if the desire is still there for Pete and Rog.
I hope they're not already taking their victory lap.

Kevin in VT

P.S.  Thanks, Paul, for ALL your efforts!!!!!  It really is appreciated.

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