A Quick One

Bruce bkawak at charter.net
Thu Aug 28 15:25:14 CDT 2008

> Really?  There may be a US release of the stereo version too (ie: you 
> won't need to pay Import prices).  But I seem to remember that this was 
> just a UK-only release...?
> Are you sure you didn't buy an imported version - perhaps even without 
> realising it?

Yes, at the beginning they didn't make any way to tell which was stereo and 
which was the older issue. It was a crap shoot at which one you would get as 
the packaging  and catalog numbers were identical.  Then they added this 
sticker correctly thinking it would lead to more sales:
Note: the catalog number is MCA, the band's US label.

I bought this CD a local store for $9.99 with the sticker.  As an added 
bonus, Run Run Run is 10 seconds longer than on the previous CD.

If you want A Quick One in mono the original 1995 version is not what you 
want.  It is a combo of mono, stereo and fake stereo tracks. There are 
European/Japanese pressings that cames out in the 80s that are completely 
mono.  Good luck in tracking those down.


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