Kilburn subterfuge

Bruce bkawak at
Wed Aug 27 20:38:20 CDT 2008

OORU over on LLR has spotted some oddities with the Kilburn video:

"having just watched the kilburn show, i can confirm that WGFA was played twice. the version that appears on exploding drummer is not the same as the one in the film. the main differences are -

* keith plays the full drum intro in the film. on the cd, he keeps stopping before the vocals start.

* there is no feedback at the start of the film version.

* after "meet the new boss" , what pete can be seen playing does not match what can be heard.

* as soon as the song starts, there are 2 large lights that are in front of keiths kit. they are not  there beforehand.

* despite this, the very end of the song seems to be the same on both!!

also, why have the compilers decided to fill in with constant clips of the audience - from BELLE VUE 1973!!!!!! UNBELIEVEABLE."

One explanation for the different audio/video is that the rehearsals from the day before were also filmed and may have been combined with the concert take.  The thing about the crowd is too funny.  People from Manchester are just better looking apparently. :)


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