MST3K: the movie townshend reference

Sun Aug 24 05:38:34 CDT 2008

the title is in the title of this post.  but I'll spell it out:

"mystery science theater 3000: the movie".  film version of the cult TV show 
in which a guy and two alien like creatures (puppets) are forced by a mad 
scientist type dude to watch bad sci-fi or horror B-movies so they can go back to 
earth, and they crack jokes throughout the entire thing. you see their 
sillhouetted heads on the bottom right of the screen while the B-movie in question is 
shown, along with some empty seats to their left like it's a movie theater.  
funny stuff.   I'm surprised you all seem clueless about it. comedy central 
used to show it quite alot back in the early 90's or so.  

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