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Jim M nakedi at comcast.net
Sun Aug 17 12:27:15 CDT 2008

--------------------------------------------------From: "Joe Lewinski"
> I've been listening to Endless Wire lately.
> I think it is an underrated album.  There are some
> real gems on this.

This has been in my car player for months, mostly because I've switched to 
an iPod and took all my other CDs out of the car.  Having said that, I still 
listen to it quite a bit and enjoy it immensely.

> I had a chance to listen to the whole album from start to finish
> recently (this is a rare occurrence with an ipod.)  It really enteretains
> from start to finish.  Even the reprisal of Endless Wire is welcome.

I usually listen to one half or the other, due to time constraints, but I 
think it holds together very well, too.  The only songs I don't really care 
for are 2000 Years and Trilby's Piano (which is quite beautiful, apart from 
the vocals and lyrics which ruin it).

> It is only when you compare it to The Who's best work from their peak
> does it seem inferior.  When measured against what their contemporaries
> are doing, it is superior in my opinion.

I actually prefer listening to it than some of my favorite old Who just 
because it's fresher and more current.

> Set Lists:
> Any guesses on the set lists this coming fall?

I think it's almost guaranteed it will be the same old songs, a bit less 
Endless Wire and a few staples put back in.  As Martin said, anything 
different will be something they've played, just not recently.  Slip Kid 
needs to remember he was predicting A Quick One at the start of the last 

Jim M 

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