Keith Moon Stole My Lipstick

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Sat Aug 16 14:09:38 CDT 2008

New book coming out from UKA Press Aug. 19:

Product Description

Judith Wills tells her true story ... A star-struck, naive 17 year-old 'country bumpkin' leaves Mum, the cat and the budgie at home - a 16-foot caravan in Botley - and catches a coach to longer-for LONDON AND THE SWINGING SIXTIES! Days later, mascara running, itching in her prickly suit, stammering from shyness, she turns up for a job interview, takes dictation, can't read it back - panics - and on the strength of the letter she invents, is hired.

Judith soon finds herself living her dream - as a writer at the UK's first-ever pop magazine, the one-and-only "FAB". She sings with Freddie Mercury, smokes Jim Morrison's joint, has a strange encounter with David Bowie, babysits Kate Beckinsale, accompanies Billy Fury to a christening, hillclimbs with Mr Spock, stars at the Albert Hall with Tom Jones, lunches with George Best, graces the red carpet with Peter Sellers, gets chased by Andy Willians, has the Book of Mormon read to her by an Osmond, and ... meets just about anyone who's anyone in the day.

Along with the fresh stories and famous names, Judith offers glimpses of her childhood that give true insight into how pop music offers a safe antidote to teenage depression and loneliness. After eight years of pop fan heaven and hell, Judith headed back to the countryside. She eventually became Britain's bestselling diet, food and health writer, with over two milliion books sold worldwide. Then one day, she decided to finally tell how she really got started on her 'Fabulous' career, and what she really made, or didn't, of those pop stars. She added her own collection of photos, and called the result, "KEITH MOON STOLE MY LIPSTICK". Because, of course, he did. 

 -Brian in Atlanta
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