Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat Aug 16 14:20:46 CDT 2008

Just saw a copy of the Kilburn '77 show broadcast on a few
PBS stations around the country recently.

Jesus H. Christ, this shit is unbelievable.  Some of the most
powerful, aggressive Who I've ever seen.  I'm serious.

Moon is heavy but he's completely into it & more.  Sticks
flying everywhere, cymbals getting whacked with full upper-
body momentum.  Double-bass rumbles.  Snare drum flurries.
Un-f-ing-believable.  The interplay between him & Entwistle 
is great.  They're cuing each other with glances.  Entwistle
smiling, Moon giggling with that sneaky grim.

Pete is wildly animated.  And that's a huge understatement.
Gigantic jumps, countless windmills, shimmies down to one 
knee.  Spins, twists, runs, smacks.  At one point he goes 
back to his amps & cabinets to grab a pick & a roadie plops 
something down on top of the amp which infuriates Pete & he 
proceeds to swipe off everything that was on top of the amp:  
Water, towels, gadgets, etc.  And then he starts pushing his 
Hi-Watt heads over while the roadie frantically tries to keep 
things steady!  All in the middle of a fucking song!

Daltrey is in top form.  Arguably at his peak.  OX is OX.
Untouchable.  He had me laughing in disbelief at some of his 

The editing is surprisingly fast & jumpy for 1978.  It almost
seems like modern-day editing except for the fact that there
aren't any of those swooping cameras on cranes that you see
a lot of these days.

There are moments of sloppiness.  "I'm Free" breaks down
& the band has to improvise an awkward ending.  A few
time-keeping issues.  A botched lyric here or there.  But this
is *not* the disaster show that Jeff Stein & Dave Marsh have
led us to believe.  It's without a doubt one of the best Who
performances I've watched.  Completely cathartic.  It made
me want to run around & throw things.

This DVD release in November (including the '69 show!!)
will be jaw-dropping.  Horrible Who at its finest & most

Got to give a shout-out to Mike S. for hooking me up with a
copy of Kilburn.  Thanks, man.  You rock as hard as The Who.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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