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O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Fri Aug 15 12:34:31 CDT 2008

>Joe Lewinski
>Endless Wire, Set Lists, Support Musicians..
>Endless Wire:
>I've been listening to Endless Wire lately.

I've been thinking recently that I need to pick this album up again and re-visit.

>Set Lists:
>Any guesses on the set lists this coming fall?
>I suspect it will be a lot like 2006 with a few surprises
>thrown in from the early days.

I don't think it will be as EW-centric as the last tour.
I'm kind of anticipating more of a mix of old and new, with more surprises....like at the Virgin+ festival.
There will always be your staples, but I'm hoping the rest will be kind of a "best of" all their albums today (including RGLB).
I think "the Slipkid" will finally get to hear SLIPKID played live.

>Support Musicians:
>I'd like to see them integrate Simon, Zak and Pino
>more into the stage banter and overall act.

Agreed.  That has always been my wish for Zak.
Somehow, I don't see Pino saying squat.  I also got the impression from Pete that he wasn't overly happy with the speed (or lack there of) in which Pino was getting comfortable with this style of music.

I forget who stated it (Martin?) but I agree Pete would be stupid not to generate new material with this collection of outstanding musicians.
Now, if Pino would just unclench and let it roar.

Did you all dig the VH1 honors (was that it?) piece on John?
Where he states "This is a bass player" and proceeds to plunk through a classic back-beat bass role (expression of "gee, this is fun).
But then, he kicks in the metal sound and states "But this is a bass guitarist" and ROARS into a metal bass riff.
His facial expression turns from happy-go-lucky bassist to a possessed lion waiting to pounce on prey.
It was the most telling thing about John I've ever seen anywhere.
That image, of the change in his expression, and look in his eyes when he plays as a "bass guitarist" will forever be burned into my memory.
A look into his soul.

Kevin (still, but ungodly busy) in VT

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