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Wed Aug 13 19:41:00 CDT 2008

According to The Canadian Press at:

Winnipeg trio Inward Eye will be the opening act on The Who's 2008 North American tour.

The brothers opened shows for them last year in Winnipeg, Calgary
and Edmonton and youngest member Anders Erickson says they couldn't be
more blown away by their second run at stardom.

"It's amazing
because they've been such a big influence ever since we grew up,"
Anders says from Winnipeg, where he and his brothers still live with
their parents.

"It's kind of too good to be true. I was like a little giddy kid at Christmas when I heard that we got to do this tour."

says the gig "just came out of the blue completely" and suspects their
good fortune has more to do with the tour's promoter rather than a
personal request from Townshend or Daltrey.

He says he and his
brothers had very little interaction with the two heavyweights last
time around, sharing more of their backstage banter with Townshend's
younger brother Simon, who was on rhythm guitar, and Ringo Starr's son
Zak Starkey, who was on drums.

"Daltry and Townshend, they don't
actually interact much because they've been there and done that, so
they kind of get driven to the stage, they do their show and they kind
of get driven away," he said.
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