The Who song title game -> Empty Glass

Jim M nakedi at
Fri Aug 8 11:22:39 CDT 2008

-------------------------------------------------From: "Joe Lewinski"
> Cynthia wrote:
> >  (I didn't know either but Jon told me and he can't post right now.)
> Okay, now I'm curious.  How come he can't post, and you know that;
> but he can tell you what to post?  Ho is it that he can read but not 
> write?   Huh??

Oh my God...Cynthia's got Jon tied up in her dungeon!!!!

> Where's the Bat Cave?   Who is Robin?    What does Alford do when
> he's not holding that tea tray?

You need to go see The Dark Knight.  Alfred does plenty!

Jim M 

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