First review of Kilburn PBS broadcast

Bruce bkawak at
Sun Aug 3 23:05:09 CDT 2008

>From another forum, sounds like what I was told a few years ago.

"The Who must have had pretty high standards to think this was not up to par to release before this: it is better in just about every way than I've ever heard it made out to be: Keith looks about fifteen pounds lighter than at Shepperton and plays with much more energy and power, and with a sparkle in his eyes and laugh on his lips was also plainly having a ball. He threatens to leave unless they let him sing a song, so they banter back and forth until they find the right key to do 'Uncle Ernie' with much laughing and side comments. Pete makes at least one comment about wanting to sack Jeff Stein but is playing with ferocity and aplomb. Another gift simply to watch in wonder. Also lots of jumps and improvisation, even during 'I Can't Explain.' Roger is at the height of his power, sounding and looking great. No shortage of shots of The Ox playing and singing, he really comes for both in during MG. The only Kilburn number not shown tonite that is on the DVD was 'Dreaming from the Waist.' 

The song line up is very similar to the '75-76 shows and they are if anything tighter and more aggressive. No lasers during 'Baba O'Riley,' they do come out at the end and it appears that some of the front shots of Roger silhouetted by them used in TKAA were lifted from this. The last four songs or so is going along just like the above gigs, MG into Join Together when just when they would have gone into 'Roadrunner' they start right into the early version of 'Who Are You?' Very different, more jamming and improvisation. Then off to a ferocious 'Won't Get Fooled Again' - both it and BOR easily equal or better than their Shepperton counterparts - complete with Pete's full stage run, leap, and slide during the penultimate scream. 

Among the credits: "Conservation and Restoration of the Who Group films provided by Meher Baba Film Archive International, Norwich, England." Music remixed by Paul Clay - Additional Mixing Marc Desisko - Audio Consultant - John Astley - Sound Design by Danetracks.

This may not be the holy grail of unreleased live Who visuals, but it will certainly revise the received opinion of Kilburn '77 in many eyes. Shot on 35mm film with six cameras and very well directed, this will be a keeper."

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