Max R&B DVD re-release w/Rockpalast '81 complete bonus!!!

Bruce bkawak at
Fri Aug 1 16:53:11 CDT 2008

>From Richard Evans and John Atkins on

Here's what Richard Evans said-

"The good news... is that THIRTY YEARS OF MAXIMUM R&B LIVE is soon to be re-released on DVD. I've just re-worked the artwork for it. No new material I'm afraid to say, but great to see it back in the racks nevertheless. I'm not sure when the release date is but probably in the next month."

John Atkins, who is re-working the liner notes, followed with this-

1. The sound will be 5.1

2. The title will be Maximum R & B Live (no 30 years, now, for obvious reasons)

3. There will be a bonus DVD of the entire 1981 Rockpalast gig.

This coming out in a month or sounds very optimistic but it does seem like it will be in stores sooner rather than later.

Bruce says Hell Yea!!!

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