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Colette (from France) has been trying to post to the list, but it's not 
getting through.  So I've forwarded this on her behalf:

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> Thank you for the tracklist !
> Sorry for the wrong previous message.
> Did you receive the message I sent to the list ? I don't know, so I write 
> to your private adress.
> The songs from the Tommy Demos boot are good versions that I didn't know, 
> I
> like Pete's voice in them.
> I'm not really familiar with John's songs (solo), what are the best album
> or songs of him that I can buy ?
> Colette

The Tommy Demos is a good boot.  It's mostly Townshend's demos.  But the 
orginal Tommy album versions of the non-Townshend songs are also included on 
the CD.  This means that the album flows properly, but it's a bit odd to see 
proper released songs on a bootleg.

Amazing Journey is generally regarded as being the most interesting song of 
all the demos - it gets very, very strange.

I'm uploading the Tommy Demos boot now to:


I rarely listen to John's solo stuff.  (Although it's better, and more 
Who-like than Roger's or Keith's efforts.)

But here's two of his CDs worth having:

    - Left for Live Deluxe - his last live release has plenty of Who songs 
you'll know already, and most of his best solo songs.

    - So Who's the Bass Player: the Ox Anthology  - is a very comprehensive 
studio compilation.


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