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Sat Apr 26 23:29:50 CDT 2008

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Lowgens02 at writes:

> I had called Rog and told him I wanted to record with the  band in 
> September, 
> and do a Pacific tour in the autumn and winter of this year.  He was over 
> the 
> moon. He was already worrying about next year, and the year  after that, but 
> it was good to make him happy.
> When I put the phone down  I emailed the band, and our main crew with the 
> good news. We would record in  September and tour in October to December. 
> Today I changed my mind.  

this part was very funny to me. a testament of pete's nature. ; )

this might make me sound like a whiner, and I wouldn't blame anyone for 
shouting back, but why don't they just put the who to rest for chrissake? all those 
years of great music and great live performances, what do they have to prove 
anymore? we heard their latest effort, "endless wire", which I still say is a 
townshend solo album with roger as a guest vocalist. fairly weak as a "who" 
album.  I guess some bands can carry on with a few members gone (alive or dead), 
but it seems the who struggles like this. at least for me.   

would be ideal if their performance at the VH1 rock honors coming up would be 
their grand finale.   would be. 

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