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> From: Lowgens02 at> Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 11:55:02 -0400> Subject: Is Pete Clueless? New Heavy Blog> To: thewho at> > Pete's Blog> 26th April, 2008> > Clueless> > Rob Lee your webmaster came to see me on Thursday. You people probably don't > know what a fabulous man he is, and how much he cares about me, The Who, and > you subscribers. One day maybe, he will give you the story about his own > background, it is fascinating. Last Tuesday I had a lunch meeting with Roger and > the two Who managers Bill Curbishley and Robert Rosenberg. We were trying to > come up some kind of decision for the future, mainly - I suppose - for > Roger's sake, but also so we could get some positive news to our band members, and > our fans. We all feel in the air at the moment.> > I sat fairly quietly. I don't want the Who to evaporate before my eyes, but > I can't see how to push it forward without some kind of cohesive creative > strategy, or Great New Idea to carry me along. That is how I've always worked in > the past. Today is no different for me.> > Roger and I are very different and have different needs. I find playing Live > and touring with the old music very easy, I enjoy it, but it doesn't rock my > world. Roger finds playing Live tough, sometimes he has to dig very deep to > pull it out, often he seems unhappy or pained while performing, but there is > no question - being on stage in The Who rocks Roger's world. He would prefer > to do that than almost anything else under the sun. I hope this explains the > confusing facial expressions that come from Rog and me sometimes on stage. We > certainly try to support each other these days.> > What rocks my world? Feeling I am creating something new. That's what I live > for. The early work of The Who has become so well known that it's hard to > rise above it, but every artist with more than a few hit records has this > problem. New material has to be solidly supported because fans want to meld it > into what has gone before to create a continuum that the artists themselves might> not want to support. > > On Tuesday Rob Lee sent me an email reproducing a couple of posts from folks > on my Forum page, asking when I was going to say something? It seemed to be > amazing timing. There I was, a few hours after a meeting with Roger, unable > to give him a single thing that would help him feel better, and Rob Lee was > telling me I should speak to the fans. > > Instead, I fired out a short noncommittal statement, and on Thursday met > with Rob himself. He's always great to hang out with. In the morning on Thursday > I had called Rog and told him I wanted to record with the band in September, > and do a Pacific tour in the autumn and winter of this year. He was over the > moon. He was already worrying about next year, and the year after that, but > it was good to make him happy.> > When I put the phone down I emailed the band, and our main crew with the > good news. We would record in September and tour in October to December. > > Today I changed my mind. > > I must not commit to studio time or show dates, especially not to long > tours, without some kind of creative programme. I don't know whether I can write > songs for The Who. I don't know if I can come up with some idea, some story, > some angle, that will make me feel good about being the writer for The Who. > Most important of all I don't know if I write something whether I should try to > force The Who to carry it. With The Boy Who Heard Music squashed into what > became Wire & Glass on Endless Wire I was happy with what we did, but sad to > lose drive on the bigger story, the bigger idea. > > Now that kind of sadness for me as a writer happens whether it was a Great > Idea or not. Who knows? Who cares, but me? What I must do is make sure I allow > myself to write, make mistakes, and make time to assess whether what I have > on my desk makes sense for The Who.> > So this morning I emailed everyone to tell them I've changed my mind. I'm > not mad. I'm not selfish. I might be a little weak sometimes, to allow myself > to make decisions based on factors that have nothing to do with art, music, > ideas, change, life, expression or creativity - but I do want to honour our old > friendships, play the old music together, honour our desire to see you > people, and to meet new fans, play new places and so on. That's what tears me > apart. But I really do have to be strong enough to admit that today I really do > not have a clue what to do next. Something will come. It always does. But > that's where I am today. Clueless.> > 
    I think Pete needs a brandy or and I thought women were bad lol
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