Long Live Rock - The Rock Opera

Jim M nakedi at comcast.net
Wed Apr 23 19:02:30 CDT 2008

From: "Joe Lewinski" <lewinski at icanon.com>
> I've downloaded all three and their on my iPod.   I will
> refrain from discussing openly for a few days until
> others have had the opportunity to download and
> listen..

I downloaded and listened today, too.  I like the selection, Martin.  Lots 
of non-obvious tracks, alternate versions, solo songs.  I'm not sure I'm 
able to discern a *story* out of it, but then I didn't get the story from 
one listen to Quadrophenia, either!  Maybe you could tell us who the 
characters in the story are and that would help it fit together?

At first, the whole concept of what you did seemed a little odd, but then I 
remembered there are a number of musicals out there that take songs from a 
band out of context and create a new story.  There's that Beatles film, 
Across the Universe and isn't there an ABBA stage musical? (Schrade, help me 
out here.)  I even saw a Cole Porter one many years ago.  So, why not a Who 
opera?  A lot of the songs come from a common theme anyway.

In any case, well done Martin for putting together a fun selection of tunes 
and doing a good job editing the transitions between them, etc.

Jim M 

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