underrated who ditties

Martin Bailey mobailey at ntlworld.com
Wed Apr 16 15:19:22 CDT 2008

JOELTLE515 at aol.com was playing "La-La-La Lies" on the keyboard, and then he 

> am I the only one who thinks its among the who's most underrated / 
> underappreciated
> tracks or what?

L-L-L-Ls deserves to be unrated and unappreciated, in my book.  It's pretty 
cheesy.  Too "nice".  Especially the singing.

It's hard to think of the most underrated Who songs.  Most of the 
lesser-known gems seem to be enjoyed by most people here, and are regularly 
discussed.  (Naked Eye, Drowned, So Sad About Us, Circles, I've Known No 
War, etc).  So it's hard to think of these songs as being"underrated", when 
they regularly get raved about on this list.

A few songs spring to mind as being underrated, and not talked about nearly 

    - Bald Headed Woman (ALWAYS gets as bad review, just because it's a 
"Traditional / Talmy" song.  One of their best non-single songs from this 
early period.  Love Roger's growl.)

    - Magic Bus (studio version - always gets overshadowed by it's live 
version.  But only the studio version has that distinctive percussion)

    - Rael 1 (not that Rael 2 nonsense.  Everyone likes it's parentage to 
Tommy, but the song's imagery and story is the real beauty)

    - Glow Girl (Everyone likes it's parentage to Tommy, but the song's 
imagery and story is the real beauty.  Copy and paste there.)

    - Most of the Tommy Soundtrack album (just because it's not really The 
Who, doesn't mean we're not allowed to enjoy it)

    - Long Live Rock (one of my faves, but mostly neglected from "Best Of" 

    - Somebody Saved Me (the Who's version is the  best song on the Face 
Dances reissue, and, tellingly, Pete's version is about the 5th best song on 
All the Best Cowboys have Chinese Eyes).


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