Keith Moon - Final 24

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Mon Apr 14 13:02:16 CDT 2008

Saw this documentary last night - gripping stuff.  (Has it been shown in the US yet? I think it's actually a Canadian documentary.)

The story of Keith's last, sad, day is told, using out-of-focus actors.  This is interspersed with narrated flashbacks of Keith's whole life.  Interviews with all the people you'd expect (but not Pete or Roger).  Altogether, it's an effective way of telling his story.

I remember hearing, a few years ago, that this approach was going to be used for the Keith Moon film.  Or was there just some confusion between the film and this documentary?

There's a few live Who clips (MG, Substitute).  Some great clips of Keith mucking about.  But, ultimately - I didn't learn much that we didn't know before.  But that doesn't stop it from being a highly entertaining documentary though.

I've uploaded the videos in three parts to:

(There are some lip-sync problems, but this isn't a big problem as most of the scenes most of the scenes just include an unseen narrator.)


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