TCT pix and a private gig from roger

Sun Apr 13 18:54:10 CDT 2008

if you go to, type in roger's name and click "editorial" and 
then "go", you'll be able to view a series of photos of roger and pete 
performing their acoustic set at the albert hall earlier tonight, along with photos 
from the other TCT nights as well. 

and, according to, roger, simon townshend, billy nicholls, John 
"rabbit" bundrick and danny thompson took the stage together at the elgar 
restaurant located on the 3rd floor of the albert hall at 11:30pm on april 10th and 
performed a half hour private gig (they only had that amount of time to play 
according to rog) for 150 invited guests. the setlist went like this:

- the kids are alright
- behind blue eyes
- a reason to believe (the tim hardin song that rod stewart turned into a 
- 2,000 years
- without your Love
- pinball wizard
- naked eye
- ring of fire

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