Who compilation poll...of sorts...

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Sun Apr 13 11:36:16 CDT 2008

> > How about this:  What if you could only pick *two*
> > songs from each Who *studio* album to include on a
> > comp you were making for a newbie Who fan.  Which
> > songs would make your cut?  Here are mine:
> That's going to take some thought.

Really?  I breezed through my selections.  Only a couple
of albums (TOMMY, QUAD) required longer thought
& left me with a guilty feeling over omissions.

I understand people's reluctance to go about it in this 
manner.  After all, who would really make a CD comp
that way?  I just thought it'd be interesting to see other
people's choices under such difficult restrictions.  

Maybe if viewed as a hypothetical endeavor it would 
seem more agreeable.  I put in the condition that the
choices would ultimately end up on a comp given to a 
newbie Who fan so people wouldn't necessarily choose
their two *favorites* from each studio album.  Instead,
their choices would reflect which songs they thought
would best "grease the wheels," so to speak, of this
hypothetical newbie Who fan.

I'll tell you something that really bothered me about 
having to choose in the manner I stipulated:  The lack
of Entwistle songs that made the cut.

Again, this is all hypothetical.  I'd probably give a newbie
Who fan *two* CDs.  One, a studio comp.  The other,
some form of LIVE AT LEEDS.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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