Who compilation poll...of sorts...

Jim M nakedi at comcast.net
Sat Apr 12 22:39:07 CDT 2008

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> Well, I think it's gonna be impossible for us to come to
> a consensus regarding the best tracks to include on a
> Who comp.  Too many opinions & too many great
> songs.  But that's OK.

Sure, it's OK.  That's the whole point, right?  Ernie first suggested "...if 
you were to introduce the music of this band to someone who hasn't heard 
them yet, what would be on your collection? "
I thought we'd get a more eclectic sample by mixing suggestions from 
everyone into one compilation.  Here are the results so far.  Sorry if I 
missed any...

My Generation (Studio)
The Kids Are Alright
Overture (Radio City, 1989!)
Amazing Journey/Sparks (Leeds)
Baba O'Riley
Love Reign O'er Me
Won't Get Fooled Again
Success Story
Join Together
Barbara Ann
Our Love Was
Naked Eye
Magic Bus (Leeds)
Sister Disco
Man In A Purple Dress
Song is Over
My Generation (Live at Leeds)

> How about this:  What if you could only pick *two*
> songs from each Who *studio* album to include on a
> comp you were making for a newbie Who fan.  Which
> songs would make your cut?  Here are mine:

That's going to take some thought.

Jim M 

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