Who compilation poll...of sorts...

Scott Keller shkeller55 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 11 17:15:49 CDT 2008

Late reply; I've been out of town and away from e mail:

1. My Generation (Live at Leeds)
2. Baba O'Riley

With MG from LAL you get early stuff, live stuff, and some of Tommy all in one.
Scott H. Keller
shkeller55 at yahoo.com

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> Maybe everyone should be allowed 
> two choices.  One obvious and one curve ball?

ok then. I also choose "the song is over" along with my other choice. not 
sure if TKAA is an "obvious choice", but "song is over" would be my second 
choice.  great idea to burn it all, but let's just hope it dosen't run too long, 
like over 78 minutes. ha.  if it does, maybe this could be volume one. 

so far, we got:

- amazing Journey / sparks (Live at Leeds)
- the kids are alright (taken from the "my generation" album)
- God speaks of marty robbins (you sure Joe?)
- the song is over
- naked eye (let us know exactly which version kev!)
- my generation
- baba o' riley

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