Mary Robbins Retraction...

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Thu Apr 10 22:32:57 CDT 2008

Actually, I wasn't choosing any songs; I was just suggesting a way to order 
the songs with some examples thrown in. If I were to choose, however, I 
always pick "Won't Get Fooled Again" first. I know it's probably overplayed, 
but I could listen to it on a continuous loop without tiring of it; it's 
virtually a perfect song. My curveball would be "Success Story" though: its 
got humor, planet-devouring bass and those amazing drum fills.


P.S. Congrats MB!

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> to chris in cleveland,
> let's see, you've chosen about six when you're only supposed to choose 
> two.
> which two from your six would you most definitely go for?
> YBYB, "blue red and grey", "squeeze box", "another tricky day", "success
> story", "cooks county".
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