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>From: "Martin Bailey" <mobailey at>
>Subject: Worst. Insult. Ever.  Part 2.
>I looked down to see what he talking about,  Ah!  It made sense now!
>I was wearing my favourite T Shirt.  Part of "The Who" range, made by Lambretta.  Hand stitched across my chest was the >immortal words:

I had a similar experience last fall while coaching k-2 (kindergarten through 2nd grade) soccer.
One of my players comes up to me, makes a gun out of his hand and shoots me in the chest.
I'm like "hey, that's not nice.  War is bad, and so are guns."
He looks at me all perplexed.  I'm confused by his reaction.
Then he points to my T-shirt and says in a confused voice...."But, Coach Kevin, you've got a big target on your chest."

Yep, 1996 Quad T-shirt with Roundel on the front and Quad 'bio-hazard' on the back.


BTW...Nice to put a face to the name Martin!

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at>
>Subject: Re: Naked Bertanelli Eye...
>> OH, and it has to be the *original* O&S version, not from the re-issue.
>> Because.....there *is* a difference.
>A very small difference; and I prefer the re-issue version.  ;-p

Well, it is apparent then that I have much better taste than you do.

Do a side-by-side listen...with Bob.
Kevin in VT

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