Mary Robbins Retraction...

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Wed Apr 9 22:54:12 CDT 2008

I was only joking (I do like the song though) about
God Speaks Of Mary Robbins (GSOMR).

My selection and curveball are:


Overture, from the 1989 Radio City Music Hall (starts out with Roger 
    "As Keith moon would have said, 'Have a little respect, it's a 
4ucking opera'"

This is the Big-Band Who and from the tour that I first saw Pete, Roger 
and John
live.   Some of you may scoff at this selection but it has a very rich 
quality and it encapsulates the whole of Tommy in nice nugget of Who-ness.


Our Love Was, from Sell Out.   This song paints so many pictures for me and
reminds me of what I love (people, places, things, literature and music) 
- past
and present.   It is just fantastic drumming too.   Sell Out is a gift 
from another

Here's a version of Relax from the Filmore in 1968.

Joe in Philly

PS.   10 points to Martin for posting 3 CDs worth of tracks.    -15 
points to Martin for
posting more than 1 or 2 songs.   So, Martin ends up with -5.  That 
won't be enough
to beat Tiger!

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