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Tue Apr 8 20:06:43 CDT 2008

>From an interview with Roger in New Musical Express (Apr. 9 issue):

The Who's Roger Daltrey has said that he blames both recent bad weather and the 2008 line-up for the downturn in demand for Glastonbury tickets this year.
 Speaking to NME.COM, Daltrey, whose band headlined the last night of the festival last year, said that he wouldn't consider going to the festival as a punter if the weather mirrored that of the last two festivals.
 "I blame the weather and line-up," he said, speaking of the downturn in the number of Glastonbury ticket registrants this year.
 "I take my hat off to those people who were there last year," he continued. "I wouldn't have paid money to go and live like that for three days, to suffer like that. It's such an expensive festival too – SO expensive."

Roger Daltrey has hit out at the Government over civil liberties.

 "I wish young people were treated with more understanding," Daltery told NME. "The reason kids wear hoodies is because of all the CCTV cameras. If I was a kid now, I'd be a hoodie. I wouldn't want them to watch me either."

 Daltrey added: "It's an horrendous society we live in, and it creates disrespect for the law."
-Brian in Atlanta
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