Joel Pelletier joelp at
Tue Apr 8 16:49:35 CDT 2008

In honor of the WHO performing at the VH1 HONORS concert in Los 
Angeles on Saturday, July 12th, our tribute band THE WHO SHOW has 
booked a gig at a wonderful Redondo Beach club ion the pier in the 
South Bay, part of Los Angeles county) the Friday night before their 
performance (7/11/08). Here's a great opportunity for WHO fans 
coming to Los Angeles to see this rare USA performance to gather 
together with local SoCal WHO fans (including THE WHO SHOW - we are 
nothing more than rabid WHO fans with some musical ability and 
perhaps too much time on our hands...), share stories and beverages, 
etc! We will be performing the hits (of course) as well as most if 
not all of TOMMY, and even some QUAD. We have a fantastic new singer 
from Seattle, and the plans are to film a new video demo with Jeff 
Stein (dir. of THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT) in May 2008 (a new live demo of 
a performance of CAN'T EXPLAIN taped just two weeks ago is already 
posted on our sites). Specifics about the gig will be posted very 
soon, and I would love to meet some of you in person! We are always 
looking to improve the show to be even MORE like the  early 70's WHO, 
and I would expect my fellow WHO-listers to have great comments and 

BTW, if anyone can figure out how to get tickets for the VH1 Honors 
show, please let me know and I'll be buying one (truth be told I have 
never seen The Who live...yet!).

Joel Pelletier

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