Who compilation poll...of sorts...

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Tue Apr 8 12:13:25 CDT 2008

>Who compilation poll
>> Amazing Journey/Sparks (Leeds)

Must have.

>> God Speaks of Marty Robbins

I think Joe was kidding.
Correction....I *HOPE* Joe was kidding.

>> Anyone else care to submit a track?
>"the good's gone", "the kids are alright" (full length version that appears
>on the "maximum r&b" box set), or "instant party (circles)".

I can fully see TKAA, but TGG or IP???
I don't see that.
I too have an affinity for the "old who", but it wouldn't be my choice if the object is to turn a new listener onto The Who.

Naked Eye gets my nod.
All the good things wrapped up in one song.

Lord have mercy!

On a different matter.....
I have to wonder what Schrade meant by "thumbing" through an autobiography of Valerie Bartenelli?  Thumbing?  Is that what they're calling it these days?  ;-)

Mmmmmm, Valerie Bertinelli.....

Kevin in VT

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