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Thanks Martin.  Nice covers.  Is that you in the pictures from the Lisbon Hard Rock Cafe?
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I just stumbled over a cover of MP3s that I hadn't heard before.

Both can now be found at:

1. Suzanne Vega - Behind Blue Eyes
(Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland on July 15, 2004)

Nice enough cover version.

As a sidenote: my wife and I once stayed in the same hotel in Paris as 
Suzanne Vega.  Just near the the Arc de Triomphe.  Must have been in the 
last 90's.  (Ie: before we had kid(s) and we could afford to stay at nice 

By some coincidence, Suzanne Vega's PA was also had the surname "Bailey".  I 
think this mix-up led us to getting our room upgraded.  We had a fax put 
under our door which was supposed to be given to Suzanne.  We read it, of 
course, before returning it to reception.  Had some stuff on it about her 
dad recovering from some injury.  Nowadays, we would have just put it on 

2. Pete Townshend - I Put A Spell On You
(Midem in Cannes, France; Jan 29, 1986)

This version is a lot different from the version on Brixton Academy 85 / 
Deep End CDs.  Much rawer, and better for it.  Actually very good.



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