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Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Apr 3 17:25:55 CDT 2008

> Shall I finally come to realize that The Who just are 
> not that well regarded

That's the realization I've come to.  And I think a lot of it 
has to do with the giant gaps in The Who's career (1983-
1988 & 1990-1995) where they were almost completely

That & the fact that they aren't the workhorses that other
bands/artists are.  How many studio albums in the past 43

And also, let's be honest & admit they aren't that popular
as a lot of other bands/artists.  Fairly popular, yes.  Well
respected, yes.  Mega-stars (like the Stones, U2, Beatles),

And a reason for this is their music's accessibility.  By that
I mean their appeal to the general masses.  The Stones are
accessible.  It's easy to understand their songs of honky-
tonk women & gritty street life.  Pete Townshend's music
is much more demanding than that.  Way more complex.

That may mean The Who just aren't as good as the mega-
stars.  I wouldn't say that.  But if you define good as being
*hugely* popular & easily assimilated, then The Who aren't
that good.

Tack that on to their fickle work nature & lack of consist-
ency & you get a band that can't compare to the big boys.
Their niche is much smaller & the advertising level reflects 

- SCHRADE in Akron

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