Best Buy, Amazing Journey, Shine a Light

Bruce bkawak at
Thu Apr 3 15:00:42 CDT 2008

> Shine a Light is a concert documentary taken from 2 shows at the Beacon
> Theatre last fall.  The CD is the soundtrack from the concert. There is 
> also
> a 2CD deluxe edition at Best Buy of course.

To follow up the deluxe edition is not exclusive to BB.  I found this on 

THE ROLLING STONES `Shine A Light' is the soundtrack to director MARTIN 
SCORSESE'S film of the same name, which documents The Rolling Stones' 
performances at New York's Beacon Theatre on October 29 and November 1, 
2006. With special guests BUDDY GUY, White Stripes' JACK WHITE III and 
CHRISTINA AGUILERA joining the Stones onstage, the Oscar-winning director 
captures an extraordinary performance from the band.

DELUXE VERSION - 2 disc set, featuring 22 tracks with expanded packaging. 
Includes every track from the film, plus four bonus tracks from the shows 
that were not included in the film- "Paint It Black", "Little T&A", "Shine A 
Light" and "I'm Free" 

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