Best Buy, Amazing Journey, Shine a Light

Martin Bailey mbailey at
Thu Apr 3 09:38:25 CDT 2008

Toby Elwin said: 

> Particularly comparing The Who's "Amazing Journey" release and the Stones' "Shine A Light"

I couldn't help but compare these two films either.

It's inevitable that the Stones can enjoy a big cinema release, whilst The Who are consigned to the DVD bargain bin of Best Buy.  Not only have the Stones had good management for their whole career, but the film is directed by a huge Hollywood name: Martin Scorsese.

I also couldn't help wondering: when The Stones announced the "Shine A Light" CD release - did someone in The Who camp notice this and suddenly realise: 

	"D'oh!  We forgot to make a CD for the Amazing Journey soundtrack!
	Quick!  Pick 16 random tracks.  
	Don't worry about putting Behind Blue Eyes on it!  "Real Fans" are sick of that.
	And someone call Best Buy and see if they've got space on their shelves for this!"

A question about Shine a Light soundtrack CD, btw: does anyone know if:

	- this a compilation of (mostly) normal studio recordings (a la Amazing Journey)?  
	- Or is it a new live concert (a la many recent Stones releases)? 
	- Or is it a collection of old live recordings (as Amazing Journey should have been)?

If it's the latter, then I would buy it.  Intriguing track list.

Anyway - to return to the points in Toby's post: It's well known that the Who's publicity suck.  They couldn't sell ice cream on a hot beach.  

Which is why they aren't considered in the same light as (as you say) "Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin".  Or "Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band" for that matter.

But: it's enough for me that WE know who the Who are.  I don't enjoy them any less by knowing that there's a huge potential fanbase out there that has never been tapped.


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