Best Buy, Amazing Journey, Shine a Light

Toby Elwin telwin at
Thu Apr 3 08:07:11 CDT 2008

Lately I seem to ruminate on the state of The Who's management and the
Rolling Stones' management.  Particularly comparing The Who's "Amazing
Journey" release and the Stones' "Shine A Light":  "AJ" direct-to-video vs.
"SAL" movie, the respective media campaigns, publicity, exposure, etc...

So much of me wonders who is behind the mismanagement and poor promotion of
The Who?  Is it Curbishly, is it Townshend, is it Daltrey?  Is it Curbishly
fulfilling The Who's wishes?  Because as we know Curbishly manages Led
Zeppelin and their marketing, management, and product exposure is hands-down
better then The Who.

Shall I finally come to realize that The Who just are not that well regarded
and I should be happy to have this also-ran, working-man attitude as a fan
when it comes to any comparison to the Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, (holey
crap, even Elton John) to our Who?  I am loathe to compare The Who to the
Allman Brothers tour circuit or even the PBS doo-wop reunions, but at times
wonder how the music world and public views Who tours and us as fans...

Or do The Who simply have bad mojo (all mojo puns lead to the hope that Mike
Myers delivers a grand slam, Keith Moon performance in a great movie HOWEVER
then we will have a movie soundtrack best-of package)???

..."in the dark corner, THE OX"

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