The Who Prep Covers Album

Martin Bailey mbailey at
Thu Apr 3 06:26:52 CDT 2008

Brian said:

> The Who are planning a collection of vintage R&B covers,...


On 5th March I said:

> a lot of other rubbish
> ...
> 2. They're recording an album of covers.  Everyone's doing it nowadays (Rush, Patti Smith, etc.)  Could be good.  
> I'm sure that the list of songs they would pick would be fascinating.
> a lot of other rubbish

I stand by my initial opinion - I still think this is a good idea.

Would be great showcase for their musical skills.  And I'm sure that the CD will be out a lot sooner - without having to wait for Pete's song writing.

> Not "Heat Wave" [an early favorite of the band], but ones that people probably haven't heard of

I look forward to having my musical horizons widened.  Again.

There's no other band (except The Who) that have turned me on to so many new musical directions.  There's so much music that I wouldn't have heard without the Who covering them (or influence).  Eg: James Brown, Bo Diddley, The Kinks, The Jam, White Stripes, etc.  All examples of bands that I only really got into because of their links to The Who.

Anyone want to guess some songs / acts that they think may be covered?  I think Bo Diddley, for sure.

In a way though - it's a shame that they're not considering covering more recent acts too.  Would have been good to hear covers of songs by Eels, White Stripes, etc.

> Pete Townshend may also write new material for the project. 
> It might be a combination of both

Well that's just fine too.  I imagine he's listening to a lot of R&B at the moment, finding the right songs to cover.  This should inspire him to write some simpler, old R&B-style tunes.

Hopefully the Pete songs will therefore not "jar" too much with the covers.  This should make the album flow better.

> expects to travel to London this fall to begin recording

So the CD won't be out for Christmas.  I'm guessing June 2009.

Exciting news.  


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