The Who Prep Covers Album

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Thu Apr 3 06:08:46 CDT 2008

>From Rolling Stone:

The Who are planning a collection of vintage R&B covers, similar tothe Motown and James Brown songs they performed early on in theircareer. “We’re digging through lots of material and seeing what willwork,” says producer T Bone Burnett, who expects to travel to Londonthis fall to begin recording. “There’s an incredible treasury of songsin the mode of what they used to play. Not ‘Heat Wave’ [an earlyfavorite of the band], but ones that people probably haven’t heard of.”Pete Townshend may also write new material for the project. “It mightbe a combination of both,” Burnett says. “We’re still turning it over.”In other Who news, the band will perform on July 12th in Los Angelesfor VH1’s Rock Honors.
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