Roger on Paul O'Grady Show

Dereck Evans delbut98 at
Wed Apr 2 14:39:33 CDT 2008

I did see it all. Usual stuff of how you began, what
was it like, did you and pete really fight, film
stuff, Tommy blah, blah. Couple of clips from AJ and
then a chat about TCT. 

roger also had to demonstrate his Mic twirling stuff,
which the host then tried and got the mic end in his

It wasn't too bad though. Rog looks good and fit and
had a decent amount of time on there. It' a show which
keeps the guests on the sofa after their bit so ther
was a little bit of interaction with the next guest
but not earth moving. 

But he did announce the acoustic set to be played at
TCT, which was news to me at the time. Considered
getting cheapo tics but decided it would probably be
only 5 or so songs so passed.

probably regret it but...

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