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> I didn't know about this, but I just switched over and saw the final minute 
> of the show.  Surprised to see Roger sat on a sofa with some other guests.  
> This is a chat show on Channel 4, hosted by the guy who played Lily Savage.  I 
> guess it was recorded earlier today
> I didn't see much - just saw Roger pick a competition winner's name out of a 
> toilet.  Well, a guy dressed as a toilet.  Yes, really.
> Their website just says: "Today's guests are Roger Daltrey who will be 
> talking about Teenage Cancer Trust and Patsy Palmer talking about her return to 
> EastEnders."

here is a link i got from a friend in the netherlands click on the pic of 
 THE WHO NEDERLAND - Het laatste nieuws rond The Who  or

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