AJ Vinyl

Bruce bkawak at charter.net
Tue Apr 1 17:40:10 CDT 2008

Well I wasn't going to pick this up but the collector in me won. :)  I awoke to threads of it being sold out and hard to find already.  It is sold out via Best Buy web site, so you can only get it at the stores now.  Even people who pre-ordered it last week have their orders marked backordered now. All that I have read is each store only has 2-5 copies (my store had 3). 

It's a double LP gatefold with full size booklet.  They have repro Track Label logos.  The record itself is a Geffen product.  It has a glossy cover so you get that wonderful new LP smell. :)

On the face of it it appears the pre-remaster (ie pre-Astley) single mixes are used.  I'm a Boy is the single version in stereo, vocal on the left, french horn on the right.  Eminence Front has the vocals on the right channel.  Who Are You is 5:08m with Who the F Are You intact.  Everything is stereo except Can't Explain and My Generation.  The only production credit is 
"Compilation supervised by Gary Arnold for Best Buy, Robert Rosenberg for The Who, and Andy McKaie for UMe." 


PS - note to Brian, the Alpharetta still had 2 copies at 4pm.

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