Kilburn 15th December 1977

Bruce bkawak at
Tue Sep 25 21:13:24 CDT 2007

> I can imagine that most of the show was pretty terrible, but the "Who Are 
> You jam" was good enough to include in the film.
> If Nigel says the footage was "brilliant" - is he really talking about the 
> Who's performance, or just the recording quality?
> I'm sure there's better candidates for potential DVD release than this?
> -MB

Like most I have low opinions of the show.  Not as bad as some think but not 
anywhere near as good a show from their previous tour.  I like My Wife on 
TKAA soundtrack from this show.  However, it must be pretty good for Pete 
and Roger to give their OK.  As a film I'm sure it's brilliant it's a 
multi-angle, multi-track recording something most Who films during the Moon 
era aren't.


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