Amazing Journey DVD details (spoiler alert)

Bruce bkawak at
Thu Sep 20 01:46:28 CDT 2007

> bkawak at writes:
>> The DC5 were never invited on the show and he has had a grudge ever 
>> since,
>> buying up the films in the 80s.
> umm, quite the contrary. the DC5 were on quite alot and dave clark has had
> positive things to say about the show. he let the disney channel in the US 
> air
> clips from the show in weekly sets in which he gave an intro to each one.

I remember reading that in the 80s when the RSG videos were released. 
Obviously, wrong but there was no way to know any different back in those 
pre-internet dark ages. :)

> "hall of fame a-hole"? I think the band deserves a place in the rock n' 
> roll hall
> of fame, period.

That was quoted from Murray, Nigel, or Paul in reference of him not letting 
them use any Who footage.


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