Amazing Journey DVD details (spoiler alert)

Bruce bkawak at
Wed Sep 19 16:10:02 CDT 2007

Spoiler alert: I've got some details from last weekends film premiere so stop now if you don't want to know now and be surprised Nov 6. 

The DVD (disc 1) was shown in Toronto with Murray Lerner (director), Nigel Sinclair (co-director), and Paul Crowder (producer) in attendence. There was a 30m Q&A session afterwards.

-First and formost everything on the first disc are excerpts, no complete songs. Crowder said that while the archives (apparently) are in better shape than most thought their "limited resources" (money and licensing fees?) prevented the disc from exceeding 2 hours. 

footage included:
-Railway Hotel 1964 the holy grail for diehards. The earliest footage of the band. NOTE: the complete film of 4 songs (complete!) are included on the second disc. 
-Heatwave from the Marquee Club '65 or '66
-My Generation Glag Rag Ball 1965, Roger throws his mic into the unappreciative crowd!
-John Peel interview at band's office about the upcoming Sell Out LP 1967
-Shrine Auditorium, LA, CA 6/28-29/68
-Christmas from Leeds 2/14/70, audio was inserted (at great effort, the film was choppy with no sound) onto the B&W film. Keith does "cymbal slams", see Charlton '74 version of Behind Blue Eyes to see what I mean. Keith jumps in the air and comes down on the kit on beat. Short clip.
-footage of the Tommy tour at the Met 6/7/70 (CBS News) and London Coliseum 12/14/69
-Morphet/Stanley footage of the UK Quad 1973 tour. As I figured the source of the B&W clip of Pete sliding across the stage in the trailer. Also, some color backstage footage 
-Who Are You jam from Kilburn 12/15/77. Everyone I've heard from says footage is not as bad as it's reputation. Fans I respect were using words like "awesome." Furthermore, during the Q&A Nigel said the footage was brilliant and they were going to release "something" in the coming months! So look for a Live at Kilburn DVD next year.
-interviews (I know who needs em) The Edge, Noel Gallagher, Sting, and Eddie Vedder as well as Keith and John's mums, Kenney Jones, Chris Stamp, Dougal Butler, etc.
-No one has said so but it seems they have glossed over the post Moon era which is fine by me.

Now some reasons why other footage was not included:
-Dave Clark (of DC5 fame) was a (direct quote) "hall of fame asshole". He denied any use of the Ready Steady Go TV show films that he owns. Hardly the first time I've heard this. The DC5 were never invited on the show and he has had a grudge ever since, buying up the films in the 80s. 
-The woman who owns the Paris 1972 film was impossible to deal with to the point they could not work anything out. 


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