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Carlene smithck94 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 17 21:14:40 CDT 2007

There has been a fair amount of discussion on this
list regarding Amazing Journey, so I thought I'd share
my experience with you.  I traveled to Toronto over
the weekend to attend the screening of Amazing Journey
with three other Who fans.  The fan review that Bruce
forwarded to this list last week was really very
detailed and I can't think of anything that was missed
as far as content is concerned. 

We queued up about an hour before the doors opened and
were near the front of the line.  Before the doors
opened, the line extended around the corner.  How far
I'm not sure.  It wasn't a sell out, but the theater
was probably at least 3/4 full.

I really enjoyed this film.  I went into this
expecting a documentary of The Who, which is what this
is.  I thought it was very well told.  I especially
enjoyed the comments from those within the Who circle
such as Bill Curbishley, Mike Shaw, Bobby Pridden,
Richard Barnes, Dougal Butler, Chris Stamp, and
others.  The interviews with family members including
Queenie Entwistle and Kit Moon were great. Queenie was
fun and the crowd got a laugh when she said that she
liked to party.  Kit also got a laugh when she said
that Keith was a good boy and didn't get into trouble
as a youngster!  Other family members that I remember
in the film were John's first wife Alison, Christopher
Entwistle, Heather Daltrey, and Keith's sister (I
can't remember her name).  It also included footage of
events that I've heard about, such as Roger getting
mad when the others were pilled up and he walked off
the stage.  On the clip you could hear that their
playing had deteriorated, so it helped illustrate the
story.  The Leeds clip was a highlight for me, just
because of the significance of the show. Many photos
were shown.  There were a number of the ones we've all
seen before, but there were quite a few that were new.

I was surprised at my reaction in various parts of the
film.  I felt very sad when Keith's decline was
described.  When it came to John's death, I cried.
There were lots of sniffles around me so apparently I
wasn't the only one that was affected.  I had composed
myself only to lose it again when it showed Pete and
Rog doing Tea and Theater during this past tour.  I
wasn't prepared for the emotion and the tears during
the film.  

Probably what will be most interesting to many of you
was the Q&A session that followed the screening. 
Murray Lerner, Paul Crowder, and others involved in
the film were present (sorry, I don't remember all
their names).  They were introduced prior to the
screening.  They sat in the theater and watched the
film with us and then participated in the Q&A that
followed.  Some questions that were asked were about
the 2nd dvd.  It is called "6 Quick Ones".  It has
additional interviews about the four members of the
group that didn't make the first disc as well as other
clips.  It didn't sound like any full shows will be on
the second dvd.  There were questions from film people
regarding the media and the restoration process.  They
said it was very challenging because of the various
media forms and the poor quality of some of the film. 
Someone asked about the remainder of the clips/shows
that were obtained for the project.  They reported
that they have all been cataloged.  They indicated
that they were disappointed that they couldn't restore
and view everything prior to putting the film
together, but they didn't have time to do so.  They
really didn't answer if any of it would be released
someday.  They made some comment that eventually it
probably will be given to a University for archiving. 
I didn't take it that this would happen right away,
nor did they say that there wouldn't be public
releases out of it. It sounded like many people who
turned over film were rather paranoid about it and
were granted "amnesty" by The Who with no questions
asked about how they got the film.  Unfortunately time
was limited and questions were halted.  I was unable
to ask my question about the Leeds footage.  I wanted
to know if there was more than the clip that was

I'm anxious to get my hands on the dvd set to view the
first disc again, as well as to view the second disc. 
If you were looking for full shows, you'll be
disappointed.  But as a documentary or full career
story of The Who, it was very thorough and
entertaining.  It was worth the trek from Michigan
over to Toronto.


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