The Amazing Journey

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Mon Sep 17 13:33:00 CDT 2007

Jon wrote:

 >  Because you can give the extra DVD package to one of your > 
friends  that may
 > not buy it and they might dig that.  And the "stupid"
 > bonus disc is a WHO show!

Yeah *giving The Who* as gifts is a cool thing to do.
I think Kevin does for the Wholidays.   Strike that...
...It's a heavy thing to do..

 > I can't wait for this movie.

Me neither.   I am anticipating this as much as or
greater than Wire And Glass / Endless Wire

I've been listening to Endless Wire lately the songs are growing on me
again.   I just adore the beginning of Unholy Trinity.   Those first few
notes cut through me.

Joe in Philly

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