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Mon Sep 17 12:22:11 CDT 2007

Are there any new bands out there that you're digging? Do your sons  turn you 
on to a lot of stuff?  
"The bands that have the most influence on my guys right now are The Who and  
the White Stripes.  
There's something about [the Stripes], aside from their obvious talent.  
There's something about their freedom. Jack [White] has really done his blues  
homework. He's captured the essence of how he feels.  
When I saw them live, I couldn't stop thinking, Here's the ultimate garage  
band. They're the real deal. I've met Jack once and said hello, but I really  
don't know him well as a person.  
All I know is what I hear and see, and I see someone who is really natural  
and at ease and articulate at expressing himself". Joe Perry 
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Jon in Mi

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