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Tue Sep 11 19:14:21 CDT 2007

Hey Scott.  Yes, Kurt and I especially are huge Moody Blues fans...of  
that late 60's
early 70's.

Speaking of the Moody Blues, we have another song on the album called  
features a mellotron, and we actually got a nice compliment on it from  
Mike Pinder via
his sons on MySpace.  If you like the Moody Blues, check out Mystic  
Slide on our MySpace.

We were trying to make a modern record with classic sounds...the best  
of both worlds, etc.


Quoting Scott Keller <shkeller55 at>:

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It does remind me of Quadrophenia.  For some reason it also reminds   
me of the '60s and
'70s-era Moody Blues (post-Denny Laine).  Not the  lyrics but the  
melody and the overall
sound.  I hope that's not an  insult, I like the Moody Blues.

   Nice video too!


jon at wrote:
   Desiree Markella, a friend of ours who has a small scene in the new
Kevin Bacon movie, has made a YouTube video for our song BAG OF BOXES,
which features some very Quadrophenia-esque keyboards by Mr. John

We'll add this new video to the Super Amanda videos at soon.



also available on iTunes

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