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Wed Sep 5 15:45:34 CDT 2007

"rock stars" tend to these days lead a mainly clean lifestyle. tobacco being 
their only weakness. maybe their only weakness anyway.  I'm referring to the 
younger ones today. and I'm talking about ones that actually "rock", not 
Lindsay Lohan and hilary duff and em. and pete doherty being an obvious exception. 

look at keith richards. here's a guy who could've been dead numerous times, 
yet death refuses to take him. he admits he still does marijuana occasionally 
and only quit cocaine because of the medication he's taking following his bump 
on the head after falling from the tree that time. he said he only had 
occasional hits of coke following dinner.  my favorite line of his was that his 
doctors kept telling him if he kept going at the rate he's going, he'll be dead in 
five or six months. "I went to their funerals", he says. 
plus, there are springsteen and rod stewart who seem to manage to stay fit. 
and let's not forget daltrey and townshend. page and plant (and John paul Jones 
as well). all the original members of aerosmith are still around. the other 
rolling stones. and only dee dee from the ramones died of drug related causes. 
Joey and Johnny had cancer.  and can stevie ray vaughn, otis redding, buddy 
holly, ritchie valens and the big bopper's deaths be considered drug or alcohol 
related? they died in plane crashes. 

anyone else care to chime in? : )

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