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Ivorian 'white man' rocks rebel north 
By James Copnall 
BBC News, Abidjan 
In a country which couldn't care less about rock music, Ivory Coast's "white man" is up against huge obstacles.

Kutchala Sutchi is a rock star - well, a rock musician anyway.

But Ivorians tend not to listen to rock music, and there are very few rock groups, and certainly nothing resembling a rock scene.

Rock is perceived as a European style of music, so Kutchala is nicknamed the "toubabou" or white man.

This summer, Ivory Coast's "white man" has been playing gigs all over the north of the country, controlled by New Forces rebels, as part of a tour organised by the Ivorian musicians' union to promote national unity...

...Back in Abidjan, Kutchala has to deal with a return to normality - a normality in which he is not recognised in the street, for example.

In fact, many Ivorians don't seem particularly keen on rock music. 

"If I played rock at my bar, the customers would go into revolt," says Innocent, who manages the Doux Maquis in Abidjan, a sort of bar, which mostly plays local dance music, known as "Zouglou", as well as R&B and reggae.

"And after a while they would all leave."

Raymond, a customer at a nearby bar, says he likes rock.

But he didn't know any Ivorian rockers, and felt the music would never really take off in Ivory Coast.

Kutchala Sutchi is not demoralised.

"This music, I feel it in my soul, I feel its rhythms," he says.

"My inspiration is Roger Daltrey of The Who, as well as Metallica and the Sex Pistols.

"And I won't have achieved anything in this life until I have played a gig at Wembley Stadium." 

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