Certified Rose at Las Vegas Show?

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Mon Sep 3 09:57:44 CDT 2007

Is that all you're offering Mac?What makes you think that the Starcke's don't 
rehearsal footage of this in it's entirety? ;)
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amck at thenetdr.com writes:

>>>>but I'm offering a $10 reward to  
the first person who can find Certified Rose performed as a  
standalone number on the setlist>>>>
>>>>Here's a quote from a June 14, 2002 Pete diary:

"We broke through a great barrier yesterday when we played Roger's lovely 
new song Certified Rose. It is a ballad. He has written a lot of rockers, 
but this is the one I personally loved the most. It reminds me very much 
of some of the more tender songs written by my old friend the late Ronnie
Lane of The Faces. I look forward to playing it live. Today I hope we can
scrub the edges of a song I wrote in 95 about Elvis called Good Looking 
Boy. Wouldn't it be great if some future Who album had the comfortable and
solid feel of Rough Mix<<<<<<

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